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Friendlist Lite

4.2 ( 1562 ratings )
Vývojář: cbh_mobile

The best quick call and sms app on the iphone.

*** hidden feature: double tap on the navigation bar to show all contacts ***

*** Quick Call
*** Quick SMS
*** Quick Email
*** Access to entire Addressbook
*** Nice User Interface
*** Starts up superfast

Friendlist app combines the features of a visual contacts app and a quick sms app with a nice usable Graphical User Interface people are used to. It launches very fast and supports all features of the standard iPhone favorites app, so you may use Friendlist App to get a quick access to your favorite contacts. You can add all your friends to the list to quickly start a call or send a text message. To start a call, all you do is tap a contact. To send a text message (SMS) tap on the sms icon. To write an email just tap on the profile picture (Activate email quicklink under application settings first). If you want to lookup the contacts address in the maps app, or any other information, you just tap the blue detail disclosure button to display all contact details.

From within the Friendlist app, you still have access to all contacts and groups of your native address book. This allows you to call or email any person without adding it to your list. All you have to do is double-tap the navigation bar to access the contacts saved in your native address book.

The appearance of the app is fully customizable via the iphones settings application. You can choose between 2 different profile picture styles and adjust the display order of the names. If you add nicknames to your contacts, you can choose to display their nick instead of their firstname.

You can watch a demo video of the app under the following url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grWrZnj41Jc

I recommend to place the Friendlist app in the Dock or next to your phone app to get a quick access to your favorites

Note: If you are running iphone os version 3.0 you might have to confirm a pop-up dialog whenever you want to call a contact due to changes in this release of the operating system. Please upgrade to a newer version of iphone os via itunes to get the optimal user experience.